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Founder & CEO

Early Life

Jerry Roberts know professionally as J-SMOOL DA BOSS, is an American rapper. He rose to mainstream fame in 2011 following the release of his single "Move In Silence". His debut studio single "Hold Your Breath" spawned the Billboard Hot 100 top "Run That Check Up" 

Birthname: Jerry Louis Roberts


Profession American: Rapper, Comedian, Professional Gamer, and Photographer

Record Label: J-SMOOL DA BOSS


J-SMOOL DA BOSS an American Rapper/Comedian/Professional Gamer/Photographer from Americus, Georgia. Also, I have my very own business call "Handbags by: J-SMOOL" which I am the owner of this business. My number one hit single is "Move in Silence" have been very successful for him. I have been doing music since I was 17 years old, and still currently doing music. God had blessed me with so much talent. Please make sure you check out my music J-SMOOL DA BOSS.

Personal Life

J-SMOOL DA BOSS comes from Americus, Ga a small town outside of Atlanta, the current home of rap’s most lyricists and vocalists. He had a childhood with its fair share of struggles, and it took him until he was a teenager to realize that these experiences gifted him with the drive, and skillset, to create intense, heartfelt music for people who identified with his pain. He walked around, as a kid, with a notebook, recording everything that happened to him so that he could put his thoughts together.


Lil Baby Doritos ft. J-SMOOL DA BOSS (2020)

J-SMOOL DA BOSS You Know What's Up ft. Ayo KD (2020)

J-SMOOL DA BOSS - Run That Check Up

J-SMOOL DA BOSS - Move In Silence

J-SMOOL DA BOSS - Hold Your Breath

J-SMOOL DA BOSS - Keep It 100

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